Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Siberian Thrush

"Must have it." Dont usually see it on trees.. but this dolly cant resist the ripened fruits. Normally would forage for insects on the ground. Hails from the farthest northern hemisphere, hence the name. Migrates at night, covering long distances. This is female in brown markings with mottled white specks. Havent got the male yet, but it should be smarter, in all dark black/blue plumage, with a clear broad eyebrow/supercillum. Juvies and subs would be bluish and mixed with brown around the head. The group would appear in droves behind the horse stables, only to feed on the dung moved there by the stable hands. Zoothera sibirica davisoni @ Fraser's Hill, November 2012, 4pm.

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