Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rufous-backed Kingfisher

Ceyx rufidorsa / Pekaka Api aka Binti-binti / Pekaka Sepah. Lowland primary forest, Bukit Rengit. 2-3-13, 11am.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Asian/Malayan Elephant

The art of copying a picture... can't resist it. Had to post it. Asian/Malayan Elephant / Gajah Asia, 2012.

Asian Brown Flycatcher

Muscicapa dauurica / Sambar Asia. Secluded residential area with pond, Ukay Perdana, KL. 6-1-13, 4pm.

Cotton Pygmy Goose

Nettapus coromandelianus / Itik Belabas aka Itik kerdil gebu. Wetlands, Paya Indah. 31-1-13, 4:30pm.

Large-tailed Nightjar

"Let it be, will ya." Had a hard time scampering over the secondary forest floor, stalking and chasing and relocating this dude, going in a few circles.. large wings in flight, languidly navigating itself among the crowded woods bewteen trees.. cant notice it even when near, until you're too near, you'll flush it out again. it'll fly for short distance around the woods to quickly get under cover and the whole chase begins again fro the searcher... Caprimulgus macrurus / Tukang Ekor Besar / Burung Segan / Burung Malas. Secondaries around wetland, Paya Indah. 31-1-13, 5pm.

Striated / Red-rumped Swallow

Hirundo striolata badia / Lelayang Merah. Limestone caves, Ipoh. Jan 2013, 5pm.

Blue Whistling Thrush

I had this long time coming, until I found that they are not shy of handouts and the generousity of humans at the cave temple where food can be found in abundance. Myophonus caeruleus / Murai-siul Batu/Biru at the cave temple, Ipoh. 30-1-13, 5pm.