Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wise Watch

"Not everything you expect."

The Black Hornbill / Enggang Kekek didn't seem to mind the disturbed habitat and the occasional stare, but anything more will make the guy try ever so hard to stay out of sight, flying short distances from tree to tree yet keeping within the same area. Interesting and awesome to watch.

Matured parks, Taman Tun Dr Ismail 24/10/10 12pm.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sheer Sights

"Don't get any better."

Unspoilt environment makes a refreshing change of background for healthy Brahminy Kites / Lang Merah.

Sea coast, Islands of Adang and Lippe, Thailand, 23-24/12/10, 4pm & 11am.

Jungle Jewel

"Look beyond."

As sun sets, Emerald Doves / Punai Tanah create a melodramatic flurry of preening and socializing before flying off into deeper vegetation to roost.

Adang Island, Thailand 23/12/10 6pm.

Totally Timid

"Totally staying put."

With so much to eat and an unspoilt paradise island, these Thick Billed Green Pigeon / Punai Daun are a picture of total content. Male has brown wings.

Coastal vegetation, Adang Island of Thailand 23/12/10 5:30pm.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Easy Escort

"I follow your antics."

The same raptor appeared at both times upon my arrival in the morning and departing in the evening. Ok, so they follow us too.

Changeable Hawk Eagle / Lang Rajawali Hindik in pale morph. Agricultural park, Shah Alam 29/12/10 8:00 am & 6:30 pm.

Banded Beauty

"Not bad to be small."

In the wake of a small bird wave, I caught a bright yellow band in the corner of my eye. I lost it temporarily until the yellow reemerged, restless and moving actively in the higher canopy of the forest. It was small, quite restless and had to wait for it to settle down, determined that I will identify it. And there it was as I have seen it in a book - a little bright band of colour around an ordinary brown plumage - the Banded Broadbill / Takau Rimba is extraordinary and rather uncommon. (More about the bird itself in Notes).

Evergreen forest, Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam 29/12/10, 10:00am.

Rare Rave

"Hard to spot."

The Buff Necked Woodpecker / Belatuk Tuki lurks in the background of a small bird wave, feeding tree to tree. Another bird is busily inspecting a tree and pecking away at insects hidden within the bark. An uncommon bird of the forest excellently camouflaged with matching plumage, making it look quite like the tree and hard to spot.

Evergreen forest, ****t *****a, Shah Alam 29/12/10, 10:00am.

Craving Charade

"It's all up to the bill."

Doing what bee eaters do, the Chestnut Headed / Beberek Senja flocked together for the hunt. From a strategic perch, they occasionally fly out with acrobatic moves to catch insects on the wings and return to their perch to feed.

Forest edge, Langkawi 20/12/10, 9:30am.