Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Effortless Embezzler

"Great wings make fun of flying... watch and learn."

Without actually even using wings or any power, the Black Eagle / Lang Hitam stays effortlessly high above tree canopies in search of bird's nests, eggs and other mammals.

I'd climb mountains, swim oceans, walk through thick forests and brave sun, rain, snow, stone etc just to see this guy. Been reading too much about it until you know it instantly when you spot it. Wicked lifer.

Highland forest, Genting 22/09/10, 9:30am.

Hunter's Heist

A Blyth's Hawk Eagle / Helang Rajawali Gunung snatches a prey, possibly a serpent or a lizard, in such a flash that along with it some earth and debris too.

Over a valley in open sky, two birds frolicked in an amazing aerial courtship display.

Highland forest, Genting 22-23/09/10, 11-1pm.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ostensible Observer

"Think you're seeing the same thing?"

The world's smallest owl, the Collared Owlet / Pungguk Kerdil, can turn its head 180 on its shoulders, sporting false ornate eyes on the back of its head to deceive onlookers from behind. It is also active during the day as seen here.

Mountain forest, Fraser's Hill 16/02/10, 12:00pm.

Cool Certitude

"Fish ahoy!"

A sea pirate, the Changeable Hawk Eagle / Lang Rajawali Hindik awaits by the cape with certainty as he scans what the sea brings.

Coastal promontory, Tanjung Tuan 13/03/10, 10:30am.

Wizard Wanderer

"Ah, sun or snow, I'm game!"

Small sized means you get to wander over great distances and play across a vast world. To arrive here from the north pole, in northern winter, is the amazing Arctic Warbler / Cekup Artik.

Coastal woodland, Port Dickson 15/03/10, 2:00pm.

Hedgegrow Hi-Tea

Hand it over to the Black Bellied Malkoha / Cenuk Perut Hitam hunting at forest edge near a shoreline, complete with its unmistakable cloak, mask and dagger.

Coastal woodland, Port Dickson 14/03/10, 4:00pm

Fluvial Flavours

For whatever it takes, a nesting Kingfisher is no fussy fisher.

Throughout the day, the Rufous Backed Kingfisher / Pekaka Api consistently returns with the flavours of the forest from crickets to prawns, frogs, gekkos and spiders.

Primary rainforest, Hulu Langat 30/04/10, 9:00am