Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rufous-backed Kingfisher

Ceyx rufidorsa / Pekaka Api aka Binti-binti / Pekaka Sepah. Lowland primary forest, Bukit Rengit. 2-3-13, 11am.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Asian/Malayan Elephant

The art of copying a picture... can't resist it. Had to post it. Asian/Malayan Elephant / Gajah Asia, 2012.

Asian Brown Flycatcher

Muscicapa dauurica / Sambar Asia. Secluded residential area with pond, Ukay Perdana, KL. 6-1-13, 4pm.

Cotton Pygmy Goose

Nettapus coromandelianus / Itik Belabas aka Itik kerdil gebu. Wetlands, Paya Indah. 31-1-13, 4:30pm.

Large-tailed Nightjar

"Let it be, will ya." Had a hard time scampering over the secondary forest floor, stalking and chasing and relocating this dude, going in a few circles.. large wings in flight, languidly navigating itself among the crowded woods bewteen trees.. cant notice it even when near, until you're too near, you'll flush it out again. it'll fly for short distance around the woods to quickly get under cover and the whole chase begins again fro the searcher... Caprimulgus macrurus / Tukang Ekor Besar / Burung Segan / Burung Malas. Secondaries around wetland, Paya Indah. 31-1-13, 5pm.

Striated / Red-rumped Swallow

Hirundo striolata badia / Lelayang Merah. Limestone caves, Ipoh. Jan 2013, 5pm.

Blue Whistling Thrush

I had this long time coming, until I found that they are not shy of handouts and the generousity of humans at the cave temple where food can be found in abundance. Myophonus caeruleus / Murai-siul Batu/Biru at the cave temple, Ipoh. 30-1-13, 5pm.

Jungle Myna

With only slight difference from the commoner mynas, this has somewhat bluish tinge at the knee and bill-base.. and other wing patterns and crest too, but very subtle. easier to tell apart when in flight. Acridotheres fuscus / Tiong Rimba. Shrubs near settlement, Ipoh. 30-1-23, 6:30pm.

Banded Bay Cuckoo

Thought it was the female pliantive cuckoo as it flew into the tree, as that species has been pretty active at the time with female being hiddened. But turned out it was the cousin. Cacomantis sonneratii / Sewah Belang / Sewah Takuweh. Cave temple and pond, Ipoh. 30-1-13, 6:00pm.

Plaintive Cuckoo

Ever calling and push comes to shove, the bird relentlessly and fearlessly scour the lotus pond for insects between the dead leaves with precision and stealth.. mostly successful, he will bring the fodder to the female tucked hiddened in a tree perch. Then he's down to the pond again for more grub. Cacomantis merulinus / Sewah Mati Anak / Sewah Biasa. Lotus pond near cave temple, Ipoh. 30-1-13, 4:30pm.


Was seen harassing a juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle in the air for a few sorties, probably defending its feeding ground. Pandion haliaetus / Lang Tiram. Hilly caves by pond, Ipoh. Jan 2013, 5pm.

Chestnut-headed Beeeater

Merops leschenaulti / Beberek Senja. Secondaries near caves, Ipoh. Jan 2013, 6pm.

Blessed Bird

Most blessed bird. Cant make the bird do what it doesn't want. No offence. Blue Rock Thrush / Monticola solitarius / Murai Batu Tarung. Cave temple, Ipoh. Jan 2013, 4pm.

Blue-eared Kingfisher

Alcedo meninting / Pekaka Bintik. Pond marshland, Ampang, Ipoh. Jan 2013, 2.30pm

Stork-billed Kingfisher

Halcyon capensis / Pekaka Buaya. Pond marshland, Ampang, Ipoh. Jan 2013, 2.30pm

Scaly-breasted Munia

Lonchura punctulata / Ciak Bersisik / Pipit Pinang. Pond and marshland, Ampang, Ipoh. Jan 2013, 2pm.

Javan Sparrow

For lack of a better example and picture, this is only the juvenile. the adults are much handsomer and more markings. Padda oryzivora / Ciak Jawa / Ciak Jelatek. Hilly limestone caves, Bercham. Jan 27-2013, 1pm.

Black-thighed Falconet

Microhierax fringillarius / Lang Belalang / Rajawali Belalang. Hilly limestone caves, Bercham. Jan 27 2013, 12pm.


Seeing feathers fall from sky gives away this dude in preparation of his deserved meal. Falco peregrinus ernesti / Rajawali peregrin. Urban hilly limestone caves, Bercham. January 2013, 11am.

Rufous-bellied Eagle

Hieraaetus kienerii / Lang Hantu Perut-merah. Hilly limestone caves, Bercham. 27-1-13, 11am.

Grey-headed Swamphen

Porphyrio porphyrio viridis / Grey-headed Swamphen (previously Purple swamphen) / Panglin. Hyacinth pond, Bercham. 27-1-13, 8am.

Long-tailed Shrike

Lanius schach / Tirjup Ekor-panjang. Residential shrubs, Bercham. 27-1-13, 9am.

Asian Openbill

Once used to be vagrant, but now in the past few years has become a common passage migrant with huge flocks from hundreds (2012)and thousands (2013). Feed on the Apple-snails abundant and rife in the ricefield, much to the chagrin of the farmers. Some wish for the birds to come to their fields... Anastomus oscitans / Upeh Siput. Ricefields, Batang 3. January 2013, 10am.

Intermediate Egret

Intermediate Egret / Bangau. Ricefields, Batang 3. 30-12-2012, 12pm, raining.

Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot

"Not now." Loriculus galgulus / Serendit. Algricultural park, Shah Alam. Dec 2012, 4pm.

Black-winged Flycatcher-shrike

Hemipus hirundinaceus / Tirjup-sambar Batu / Rembah Batu. Algricultural Park, Sahah Alam. Dec 2012, 3pm.

Indian Cuckoo

Cuculus micropterus / Sewah India. Agricultural park, Shah Alam. Dec 2012, 2pm.

Great Hornbill

Not commonly seen here, but there the loud harsh call, across a dense valley.. a few of them roosting. Great Hornbill / Enggang Besar. Mountain forest, Fraser's Hill. Nov 2012, 5pm.

Copper-throated Sunbird

Nectarina calcostetha / Kelicap Bakau. Coastal mangroves, Skinchan. March 2012.

Dark-sided Flycatcher

Dark-sided Flycatcher/ Sambar. Algricultural park, Shah Alam. 7-12-12 11am.

Imperial Eagle

Aquila heliaca / Lang Raja. Ricefields Batang 3. January 2013, 10-1pm