Monday, August 30, 2010

Dawn To Dusk

Trust a bird's eye view of the splendid sea and sky, anytime.

Brahminy Kite / Lang Merah, Coastal mangroves, Kuala Selangor 29/08/10.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tree Thrill

The Pied Triller / Sewah Kapas usually traverse the high canopy of trees and treads timidly in shyness. Not common by sight, but a treat every time. Residential surrounding, Kinrara 06/10/10, 11:00am.

The juvenile, bottom, has streaks on its white chest. Coastal mangroves, Kuala Selangor 29/08/10, 2:00pm.

Quaint Quill

Green Billed Malkoha / Cenuk Besar has the longest tail, stuff that ancient quill pens are made of.

Mountain forest, Fraser's Hill 16/02/10, 2:00pm.

Broody Bother

Shrubs and twigs buffer the future brood. Black and Red Broadbill / Takau Hitam-Merah, Kemensah, 9:00am.

Furls Frolic

The mountain version of the Fantail / Sambar Kipas is White-Throated / Leher Putih.

Frequently frenetic and furtive with much fuss, and leaving others fraught with frazzles! Fraser's Hill, 8:00am.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Cupid's Court

Chestnut-bellied Malkoha / Burung Cenuk holds court in cupid land.

Nearby, the female pretended to approach the wooer.

Kuala Selangor mangroves, 10:00am.

Drowned Delirium

"Cool stuff"

A pair of Oriental White-eyes / Mata-putih Dahan can't resist a splash. Hot days call for a chill. Residence, 04/09/10, 11:00am.

Aerial Ace

Needletail House Swifts / Lelayang Rumah are sleek aerial specialists with strong wings that never tire. They eat, sleep, poo and mate on the wings, except when nesting. Fraser's Hill, 9:30am.

Dodo Drifter

Dolly as dumplings yet these birds can't fly for anything. Here's driving the family off to the sanctuary of the 'duckyard'. Sekinchan, 10:45am.

Curious Crevice

If curiosity kills the cat, then this curious chick in the crevice can give a clue, as it later flew out its cradle with crimson wings and yellow nape / Belatuk Mas... Kemensah forest, 4:00pm.

Weaving Wooer

The male Baya Weaver / Ciak Tempua is a show and tell wooer of the fairer gender, developing a yellow nape during courtship and mating.

As seen here, he's got the goods. Sekinchan, 11:00am.

Exquisite Exploit

The Little Egret wades the tide to scheme the waters looking for its tea..

Kajang, Sg. Ramal, 7:15pm.

Birds Beguile

Though bird brainers with hollow bones and a diet that consists of nothing more than seeds and insects, they're amazing creatures that beguile.

Tern's Turn

Common around the world, doesn't mean they're just strong fliers, but smart enough to turn to perching on boats and ships across vast oceans for R&R! Sekinchan, 11:00am.

Owl Onboard

The Barn Owl / Si Jampok occurs worldwide and proliferates rapidly, favouring rats that are abundant with rising human settlements and waste.

Missing the previous night's hunt could mean turning up on empty stomach without much sleep the next day..

Sekinchan, 11:00pm & 1:00pm.

Virtuous Vigour

For the hand that crocks the cradle, give it to these Sunda Pygmy Woodpeckers / Belatuk Belacan. Successful breeders from seashores expanding to inland. Males have red streak on nape. Sekinchan mangroves, 9:30am.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pirate's Predator

"Between man, beast and machine, I hold the edge."

In human terms, this raptor's Malay name, Lang Merah, is believed to be a legendary Malay pirate who led a double life as a high ranking warrior officer in the Terengganu royal court and yet conducted raids as far as Borneo.

Brahminy Kite / Lang Merah, Sea coast, Port Dickson 14/03/10, 5:00pm & Coastal mangroves, Kuala Selangor 21/03/10, 10:30am.