Friday, December 31, 2010

Swamp Specialty

"Don't count on our looks."

What feathers! The Purple Swamphen / Burung Klak is a special treat to come out of the fresh water marshes and swamps with good vegetation. The tall and thick growth of reeds provide good refuge for this elusive and wary bird. They traverse the water by walking delicately on lotus plants that grow on the surface, and their food are eaten by holding it with their toes (bottom pic). Purportedly renown amongst the locals as the most intelligent bird that frequently evades capture by outsmarting traps intended for them.

Swamp and marshland, Langkawi 21/12/10, 6:00 pm.

So Called Common

"Not for long."

So called Common Kingfisher / Pekaka Citcit is not so common here, though both resident and migrant species occur. Perhaps their extensive range makes them known as such, occurring throughout the region of South East Asia. This guy was perched by an old log protruding by a stream, but not for long as he flew downstream just above the water's surface.

Mangroves of Langkawi 21/12/10, 9:30am.

Island Inspired

"Catch me early."

Not very common, except in islands and coastal areas, and even so, the Browned Winged Kingfisher / Pekaka Paya seems to prefer specific habitat such as matured mangroves and old growths. And yes, they're early morning hunters and shy. This guy fled as soon as he was approached.

Mangroves of Langkawi 21/12/10, 8:45am.

Big Break

"Today's most important meal."

1&2: The Black Capped Kingfisher / Pekaka Kopiah Hitam stood by the water's edge from an open branch and dove in for the catch. This early morning hunt brought in a crab, which he smack against the twig and swallow it whole. Mangroves of Langkawi 21/12/10, 8:00 am.

3&4: A surprise appearance after a long wet morning. He seems glad to be out anticipating the sun and an end to hunger.. Open fields and marshland, Sg. Balang, Muar 9/12/10, 10:30am.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Revered Realm

"Check the bill."

A satisfied Wreathed Hornbill / Enggang Gunung having a rest after a busy morning being fed by an active male.

Mountain forest, Langkawi 20/12/10, 9am.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pristine Power

"There's a spot of bother."

Perched higher than others, the Peregrine Falcon / Falko Besar is not only untouchable but also has an edge over all. Looks like a juvenile, he repeatedly fly out after a long sit and return to the same again.

Ex-mining pool, Puchong 27/12/10, 4:30pm.

Strange Scene

"I'm not for freebies."

A haggard looking Oriental Honey Buzzard / Lang Lebah appeared in the sky above a scurry of eagles and kites feeding in the mangroves. With a long journey ahead, he didn't take to the scene and soon straggled off.

Mangrove & sea, Langkawi 21/12/10 11am.

Willing Winger

Appearing from the valley, a juvenile Blyth's Hawk Eagle / Lang Rajawali Gunung seemed to hover in mid air while looking down at his spotters. But soon he approached the cliff's edge and glided across to a tree perch with its crests up.

Highland forest, Bukit Tinggi 10/12/10, 4pm.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kind Kins

"Let me show you how it's done, honey."

An awesome pair, especially as a team. Black Shouldered Kites / Lang Tikus holding their own in raptors realm.

Open ricefields behind coast, Sg. Balang, Muar 9/12/10 11:30am.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mint Mould

"Soon I'll be darker."

A juvenile variety of the migrant Black Kite / Lang Hitam Kecil with distinct heavy white streaked plumage. He frequently bursts into graceful flights around the open field with short breaks in between, mostly perching on dead branches.

Open fields near coast, Sg. Balang Muar 9/12/10 mid-morning.

Fortune Frontier

"Fair game."

Juvenile Brahminy Kite / Lang Merah of Sg. Balang Muar 9/12/10 mid-morning.

Alien Ally

"Clocking up me flight hours."

Sub adult of the magnificent Greater Spotted Eagle / Lang Bintik, sometimes sharing air space with the magnificent Steppe Eagle / Lang Steppe (last pic). Both scarce migrants.

Open fields, Sg. Balang 4/12/10 11am.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friendly Foreigner

"Should blend in."

Plain, dull and almost unremarkable, the Eastern or Siberian Stonechat / Ciak Siberia finds the tropics to escape the harsh winter of his arctic homeland. Just to see this hardened bird here after him having braved the long and arduous journey is pleasantly uplifting.

Open ricefields behind coast, Sg. Balang, Muar 04/12/10, 11am.