Monday, December 6, 2010

Winged Wrath

"You can find me, but you can't catch me."

Adult and juveniles of different yet similar looking dark eagles soar familiar wide open fields of marsh and wetlands, sometimes patiently perching on the ground or low branch, and incurring the wrath of local raptors.

1,4 & 5: Greater Spotted Eagle / Lang Bintik, vulnerable migrant.

2 & 3: Steppe Eagle / Lang Steppe, 3rd year juvenile, occasional migrant or vagrant.

6 & 7. A young adult of an unidentified eagle being chased off the bounty of the fields by two matured Brahminy Kites, and at times perched on open ground.

Open fields behind coast, Sg. Balang, Muar 4/12/10, 10am.


  1. Hi Riz

    Do you have any more pics of the bird in the 2nd picture? Looks like a Steppe Eagle.



  2. Thanks for dropping by Dave. Yes I do, there were several species, and I think I may have confused them too! I'll email ya. Cheers.