Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One of its Kind Malaysian Publication

A first for Malaysian birds!

Khazanah Burung Bukit Fraser ("Treasury of Birds in Fraser's Hill") was recently published as one of its kind Malaysian publication on Malaysian birds by Malaysian authors with over 35 years experience. Over 300 full colour, large and quality photographs covering 93 main species, including a chapter on birdwatching and index of bird names in Malay, English and Latin. Semi coffee-table format. 234 pages in 6" X 8.75". Available in stores Malaysia wide including MPH, Kinokuniya, Pekan Buku UM and Koperasi Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. Priced at RM65. Signed copies available from the publisher, contactable through www.tintapublishers.com.

Newscutting (above), The Star, Wednesday 30 June 2010 in Metro South Pg.2, & Thursday 1 July 2010 in Metro Central Pg.28.

Newscutting (left), The New Straits Times, Thursday 21 October 2010, Life & Times colour pullout, Pg.11.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Endearing Effect


The Peaceful Dove / Merbuk Aman is a portrait of benign beauty, but ironically, is in constant danger as Malaysian laws don't provide refuge or restrain.

How is peace possible without protection?

Coastal mangroves, Sekinchan 03/05/10, 6:30pm.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fine Fury

Fast flying and prefers open perches, the Black Thighed Falconet / Falko Kerdil is one of the world's smallest raptor. Sallies for insects and small birds. Picture shows juvenile with orange eyebrow; adult has large white eyebrow.

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, Sg. Buloh 08/07/10, 6:00pm.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Parrot's Plight

"Protect me!"

The Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot / Burung Serindit is not fully protected by law and thus its licensed hunting permit is widely abused. If fully protected, these wonderful birds can be abundant and frequent our gardens in homes and rural areas. Can feed and even sleeps upside down.

Lowland forest, Kemensah 01/07/10, 3:00pm.

Oriole Offer

"Open wide now.."

On the parenting traits of the Black Naped
Oriole / Burung Dendang Selayang: though a sub-adult, it continues to be fed - except not your soft squiggly worm, but whole fruits. Coastal forest, Port Dickson 14/03/10, 4:00pm.

Monarch Minder

"Just sit this out.."

The nest of the Black Naped Monarch / Kelicap Ranting hangs delicately by a stream under the canopy of primary forest. Once alerted, the male came and swapped places in the nest. Though small and looked uncomfortable, he sat there faithfully unbothered. Time is crucial for incubation.

Primary forest, Hulu Langat 30/04/10, 11:00am.